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This Week: 41 miles.

This Year: 1722 miles.

Week Summary: Nothing long this week, just a handful of 5-7 mile runs in Longmont and Boulder, and an 11 mile “fast food run.”

The term “fast food run” probably means different things to different people (if it means anything at all), so let me explain… In this context, it’s the opportunity for me to go on a medium to long run without having to take take any food or calories with me, and instead use the available fast food resources for fuel.

I also think that finishing a run after having eaten something from Carl’s Jr. or Burger King or (as was the case this week) Jimmy John’s helps my digestive system learn how to process more challenging fuel on the go, and helps me learn how to deal with the stomach distress that can happen during long races.

Or perhaps I’m just telling myself that to rationalize eating junk that I’d normally steer far clear of….