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This Week: 47 miles.

This Year: 1769 miles.

Week Summary: Another handful of 5-7 mile runs in Longmont and Boulder, and a 23 mile “fast food run.”

This time I did a Longmont-Niwot-Gunbarrel out-and-back (with a slightly shorter variation through Niwot on the way back, and extra miles in Longmont). The fast food happened at the Gunbarrel Burger King, which was about 12.5 miles in. I learned that Icees are still around, though they seem to taste different from what I remember back at the K-Mart near my Grandmother’s house in the 1970’s…

Interestingly, I went out on that long run without carrying a water bottle or hydration pack, and it didn’t seem so horrible not to have water available the first instant I felt even a bit thirsty. Perhaps it’s possible to get one’s body used to different hydration protocols… I consumed about 20 oz right before I started, and probably drank another 20-30 oz at the Burger King. Sure, I felt a little sloshy when I left the BK and started back, but that passed pretty quickly, and it was nice to not be burdened down with a bottle.