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This Week: 43

This Year: 177

I did my last 20 mile run in advance of the Red Hot 55k, and generally feel okay about the shape I’m in. I used this run to experiment with starting to take 2-4 minute walking breaks roughly every 25 minutes from the very start of the run (sometimes I don’t mix in the walking until after an hour or two, and sometimes I skip the walking altogether). This did a good job of helping me stay relaxed. Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to keep my heart rate under 137 (the number I’m trying to stay under for all of my long runs) after about 3 hours, so I let it creep up a bit during the last few miles. Maybe this was due in part to a warmer-than-anticipated afternoon…. I don’t always do so well running in the heat.

I wore the Altra Torin for the long run – my second run in those shoes. During the first run earlier in the week I used the minimal insole and experienced a bit of the heel slip that many others have commented on. But using the thicker insole (which is significantly contoured around the heel) and changing the lacing a bit makes a big difference. I know they’re not particularly flexible or light, but I really like the roomy toebox, and I have the suspicion that Altra might soon replace Inov-8 as the company I first look to for new shoes. (I bought the Altra Superior last month, and like those even more than I like the Torin!)