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Good news last Friday: I got into the San Juan Solstice 50 miler through its inaugural lottery. It looks like the odds were favorable, at least as far as ultra lotteries go — 250 accepted runners vs. just 62 names on the wait list (as of this afternoon) — but I still feel lucky. This looks like a kick-ass race that really seems to challenge runners, and one that’s becoming increasingly popular.

A quick search and review of race reports on the Internet revealed that the time spent above 10,000 feet (most of the race), not to mention the sustained climbs, pushes a lot of people into serious discomfort. Cool — I’ve never vomited in a race before!

Except that this wasn’t a quick review of race reports. I spent more time reading about the event than I should have last weekend, particularly when I have a bigger race coming up in about two months.

It’s a bit tricky sometimes when there are so many awesome events for us to do, and we need to sign up for some of them so far in advance, to keep one’s eyes on the stretch of trail that’s just ahead. I needed to remind myself today to focus on the path that’s in front of me, and don’t worry about the next section of trail until it’s time to run it.