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The number of people moving off the wait list and on to the entrants list for the Run Rabbit Run 100 has increased noticeably over the past month or so. (I sheepishly admit to being someone who has checked their place on the list almost daily, so I know what I’m talking about…)

And now I’m in!

Unfortunately, in an ironic twist of fate, I twisted my ankle on my very first run after getting in. I was out trying to get in a couple laps of Hogback Ridge, just north of Boulder. The trail is relatively technical in terms of rocks and uneven terrain, and I was running in shoes (Montrail Fluidflex II) that are fairly unstructured and unsupported. Ultimately that proved to be a bad combination. Near the end of the first lap, I came down a bit off-camber with my left foot, and felt a hot flash of pain on the lateral side of the foot.

I’ve come close to hurting myself on this trail before, but this is my first injury.

Fortunately, I tend to heal relatively quickly, and the damage seems to be mostly superficial, so it shouldn’t be more than a couple more days before I’m able to run again on non-technical terrain. So if I were to look at things completely rationally, this wouldn’t be a big deal.

But since, despite my best efforts, I can never seem to be completely rational about running, I’m now bouncing off the walls. Maybe I can just consider this upcoming weekend to be mental/emotional “patience training” that will help me out on race day.