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I came across another “Last One Standing” race while browsing some of the runner blogs I follow. The write-up┬ácame from the prolific Davy Crockett, whose race and solo run adventure reports I’ve always found to be incredibly detailed and full of useful information.

The race is called the “4mph Challenge,” and there were 22 finishers in the “unlimited” category this year. The format involves an out-and-back course that’s longer than other races in terms of both distance (6 miles vs. somewhere in the 3-4.5 mile range) and time (90 minutes vs. somewhere around an hour). One consequence is potentially longer, but less frequent, breaks between laps.

Crockett provides a great perspective of how this type of format differs from traditional ultras in terms of strategy as well as the toll it takes on the body.

I hope to find one of these close to home within the next couple years, as I’d love to give it a try.