Sometimes I Run

The Super Seven (Western States & Hardrock Qualifiers)

The Super Seven (Western States & Hardrock Qualifiers)

Registration for the 2016 Run Rabbit Run has been open for over a week, and there are still about a hundred spots available. I’m a bit surprised, as I thought the race would surely sell out in the first day or two. Why? Well, Run Rabbit Run has a fairly uncommon trait — something special it shares with six other 100 mile runs.

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One week into the new year, and my next big running event seems remarkably close. It’s still three more months before I attempt the Umstead 100 again, but it feels like it’s right around the corner.

This sense of urgency came up quickly, and last night my mind went into full-on race planning mode. Detailed questions about logistics and race day strategy kept popping into my head, demanding my immediate and undivided attention…

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2015 Breck Crest Marathon

My fourth time at the Breck Crest marathon might not have been a charm, but it gave me a great opportunity to learn something new.

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Collegiate Peaks Trail Run – 2015 Race Report

Collegiate Peaks Trail Run – 2015 Race Report

I’ve been a little antsy following my recent DNF at the Umstead 100. So early last week, I tried to come up with a tune-up event that I could do before the San Jan Solstice. I considered the Collegiate Peaks Trail Run (25 miler), the Dirty Thirty 50k, and the Sage Burner 50k.

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100 mile pre-pre-pre-planning

Upon further reflection, it appears that my planning for the Umstead 100 was not substantially different from what I’ve previously done for 50 mile races. I got a great lesson that that’s not the case.

In the few days following my DNF, I read a blog post that said something along the lines of “a 50 mile race is a lot more similar to a marathon than it is to a 100 mile race.”

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About Me:

Sometimes I run. Sometimes I jog. Sometimes I power hike. And sometimes I’m reduced to the death shuffle. I don’t know if that makes me a “runner” or not, but I don’t think the definition matters. Whenever I’m moving forward I’m happy.


Race Results:

This is a largely incomplete list. I did a fair amount of running in the pre-Internet era, but have no record of my times from races back then. I’ve done the Triple Bypass and the Copper Triangle, as well as a few bike races (including the Leadville 100 MTB and the Mount Evans ascent) in which I finished solidly near the very end of the field. I also did a couple adventure races in the late 1990’s, and DNF’d a few as well. (I really thought adventure racing would take off more than it did…)







  • 12/8 – CMRA Cross Country State Championship 12K (55:59)
  • 8/18 – CMRA Elk Meadow Trail Race 5.75M (46:56)
  • 7/12 – Tahoe Rim Trail 50M (14:14:14)
  • 6/30 – Rollinsville Rail Run 10M (1:21:13)
  • 5/12 – Quad Rock 25M (5:09:32)
  • 4/21 – Mt. Carbon Trail 1/2 Marathon (1:54:18)
  • 3/24 – CMRA Spring Spree 10K (43:29)
  • 1/7 – CMRA Lake Arbor 5K (20:59)
  • 11/12 – CMRA Stone House (2x) Triple-Cross Trail 8.5M (1:06:58)
  • 10/9 – CMRA Coal Creek XC Challenge 5.72M (43:01)
  • 9/17 – CMRA Hildebrand Ranch 6.6M (50:14)
  • 9/4 – Breck Crest Marathon (5:54:27)
  • 8/10 – CMRA Fairmount 5K Trail (22:11)
  • 7/16 – CMRA White Ranch Trail 10K (56:52)
  • 6/18 – CMRA Sand Creek 5 Mile (39:17)
  • 6/4 – Golden Gate Dirty Thirty 50k (8:03:47)
  • 6/16 – Mt. Evans Ascent 14.5M (3:16:04)
  • 4/29 – Boulder Distance Carnival 15K (1:20:11)
  • 6/30 – Finger Lakes Fifties 50K (6:13:43)
  • 10/26 – Marine Corps Marathon (4:56:13)
  • 11/5 – ING New York City Marathon (3:57:37)
  • 10/26 – Mountain Masochist Trail Run 50 mile (10:49:49)